Imagining a Legacy: Elise Partridge's "The Exiles' Gallery"

Phoebe Wang reviews The Exiles' Gallery in Arc Poetry Magazine:

"In a sea­son of debuts, Elise Partridge’s The Exiles’ Gallery builds like a grand finale. It is her third and final book, the last we will ever receive from this mae­stro of the fine­ly-tuned image. We may nev­er under­stand how Partridge’s qui­et econ­o­my can also be dan­ger­ous­ly unset­tling. In these poems there is a voice sure of its own pitch, telling us of life’s missed chances and the griefs which careen out of our con­trol. It’s like being tak­en to a cliff’s edge by a guide who calm­ly elu­ci­dates its poten­tial ter­rors...more